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Personal data changes notifications

Personal data changes notifications

Please perform the following procedure for corrections due to changes of your personal data.

  1. Submission of personal data change notification

    In case of change of name (name or surname change) or changes of address of origin (or nationality), please submit a personal data change notification to the Graduates Section of the Graduate School of Information Science and Technology.
  2. Correction of record by KOAN (corrected from "school register" to "student address registration")
    In case of changes of one of the following data, please make a correction using KOAN.
    Data concerning guardians of working students (employed) are not relevant.

(student personal data)

  • Address change
  • Telephone number change

(Guardian change)

  • Change of guardian (including change of name or surname)
  • Guardian address change
  • Telephone number change

* Corrections can be made also when registering credited subjects: by clicking "Credits" and then "Credit registration and registration situation referral", a different registration window will open only once. You can use this window in order to make corrections.

Personal data change notification form

Please download and print the following form.
When printing, please use A4-size white paper.

Personal_data_change_notification (PDF) (in Japanese)


Where to submit notifications

Graduates Section of the Graduate School of Information Science and Technology (in Suita)

Relevant items

In case of commutation route changes due to the change of address, please update the data concerning your commuter pass purchase receipt.

Students who are receiving a scholarship from the Japan Organization for Student Services must make a petition to the Student Center as well.