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Ref.  Scholarships offerings by selection conditions for the academic year 2013 (closed)

Ref. Scholarships offerings by selection conditions for the academic year 2013 (closed)

Scholarship Denomination

Recommended quota

Admission period

Applicant Decision Date


Yamaoka Scholarship Foundation (PDF) (in Japanese)


March 25 (Mon) to April 1 (Mon) 12:00

April 3

For: Foreign students nationals of an Eastern or Southeastern Asian country (not listed into the guideline: except China, due to university arrangements).

Students of Master Program 1st year or Doctor Program 2nd year by 1.04.2013

Admitted applicants must submit application documents by April 8. Please consult application guideline and be prepared in advance.

Korean Scholarship Foundation (PDF) (in Japanese)


March 25 (Mon) to April 5 (Mon)12:00

No applicant

For: Korean students formally enrolled in a Graduate Program

99-Asian Student Scholarship Foundation (PDF) (in Japanese)


March 25 (Mon) to April 9 (Tue)12:00

April 12

For: Graduate students/ Asian foreign students

Docomo Foreign Student Scholarship (PDF) (in Japanese)


March 25 (Mon) to April 18 (Thu)12:00

April 19

For: Persons admitted in the 1st year of the master program in April 2013

In case that number of recommended persons from one country or territory exceeds half of the total number of persons recommended by the university, or applications exceed the number of persons requesting recommendations, internal selection will be performed.

Monbusho Study Expense Support for Foreigh Students (PDF) (in Japanese)

2 (*)

April 8 (Mon) to April 22(Mon)

April 24

For: Graduate Students

(*)Number of recommended persons may change.

Nishimura Scholarship Foundation - 2013 (PDF) (in Japanese)


April 12 (Fri) to April 17 (Wed)12:00

April 17

For: Residents of Osaka Prefecture/ Nationals of Southeastern or Eastern Asian countries/ 1st year of the master or doctor course by April 2013
Persons wishing to apply must free their schedule on the dates provided in "Schedule" table

KDDI Foundation: " Foreign Student Support 2013"


July 1 (Mon) to July 9 (Tue)12:00

July 12

For: Graduate Students

Support starts with April 2014.

(not posted in the guideline): Nationality of recommended persons is subject to arrangement by the university.

Sato Yo International Scholarship Foundation: "Private-expense foreign students on October 2013 and April 2014" (PDF)


July 5 (Fri) to July 29 (Mon)

No applicant

For: Nationals of Bangladesh, Bhutan, Brunei, Cambodia, India, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, Maldives, Myanmar, Nepal, Pakistan, Philippines, Singapore, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Eastern Timor, Vietnam

JGC-S Scholarship Foundation: "Scholarship for fiscal year 2013"


July 26 (Fri) to August 5 (Mon)12:00

August 5

For: Graduate students and Research students/ persons enrolled until the current year's end/(not posted in the guideline): persons who are not receiving scholarships from other organizations and have not applied for other scholarships

Rotary Komeyama Memorial Scholars for 2014 (PDF) (in Japanese)

2 (*)

September 4 (Wed) to September 17(Tue)12:00

September 18

For persons enrolled in M1, M2, D2 or D3 by April 2014

Applicants must be joining the monthly support meetings, speeches and tributary activities of the Foundation. They must participate actively to the activity of the organizations and must empathize with Komeyama Foundation concepts.

Selection may be done by the university, therefore being recommended by our Graduate School does not mean necessarily being recommended by the university.

(*)(We will recommend two persons of different nationality).

Foreign Students by National Support (Research Students): Selection in Japan for 2014 (in Japanese)


November 8 (Mon) to November 15 (Fri) 12:00

November 18

For: Formal students enrolled in Graduate Program by April 1, 2014 (including admitted) Applicant's academic result coefficient must be 2.50 or above.

Must not decline without special reasons. If selected, must decline any other scholarship.

If number of applicants exceed the number of recommended persons, selection will be performed within university.
12.11: Added posts on recommended number of persons and Remarks.