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Temporary return and re-entry

Temporary return and re-entry

If you plan to leave Japan temporarily for holidays, etc., please submit a "Notification of Temporary Return" to the graduates section.

Do not forget to apply in advance for a re-entry permit at the Immigration Bureau, in order to receive a re-entry permit before leaving Japan.
If you leave Japan without a re-entry permit, you might not be allowed to re-enter Japan as you plan.

Notification of Temporary Return for Foreign Students

Foreign students, who leave Japan, i.e. for temporary return, must submit a notification.
Please download and print out the form below (print using A4-size white paper):


  • Please note that the notification form must contain the name and seal of approval of your academic advisor.
  • Please use A4-size white paper.

Submit to:

Graduates Section of the Graduate School of Information Science and Technology

* From July 9, 2012 a new system for re-entry permits was introduced.

Foreign students in possession of a valid passport and a residence card (or alien registration card) who will be re-entering Japan within 1 year of their departure, but not later than the expiry date of their period of stay, in order to continue their activity in Japan, will not be required, as a rule, to apply for a re-entry permit (This system is called "Deemed Re-entry Permit").

For details please check here.