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The Internationalization of Education

The Internationalization of Education

Graduate School of Information Science and Technology of Osaka University has implemented from fiscal year 2005 the initiative of "Training leading human resources in fusion disciplines from an international perspective" (commonly called PRIUS), on the purpose to increase the level of sophistication and internationalization of education and research, with the support of the international promotion program of university education (strategic international cooperation support) promoted by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology. Within this initiative, we constructed an international network of human resource development (PRIUS: Pacific Rim International University) in cooperation with research institutes and universities of countries of the Pacific Rim, in view to foster excellent human resources who can pioneer the fusion science field made by the fusion of information science and a variety of science from an international perspective. Based on this network, we have sent overseas 4 to 7 internship students each year.

This initiative lasted until the end of the fiscal year 2008 and reported many achievements. Nevertheless, by taking advantage of its outcome, the Japan Student Services Organization (JASSO) within the program frame of Student Exchange Support Program (short-term dispatch) proposed a program entitled "the development of international human resources to assume the state-of-the-art information science", that was adopted. From fiscal 2009, we have conducted overseas internship also by using this program.

From fiscal year 2013, we will conduct dispatches in the form of financial support of the Graduate School, as international internship of the humanware innovation doctoral program (attempt).

Academic Exchange Agreement



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Memorandum of Student Exchange

Germany Faculty of Media, Weimar-Bauhaus University 2003/05/27 2018/05/26 Yes
People's Republic of China Graduate School of Information Science and Technology, Peking University 2006/05/30 during effective period of University Agreements
New Zealand Faculty of Engineering, Canterbury University 2006/12/19 2016/12/18 Yes
U.S.A. California University, San Diego Campus 2007/08/22 2017/08/21
Singapore Faculty of Computers, Nanyang Engineering University 2008/03/28 2018/03/27 Yes
(from 2009/03/10 until 2014/03/09)
Malaysia Faculty of Pharmacy and Faculty of Computer Science, Malaysia Science University 2008/10/22 2018/10/21 Yes
(from 2009/07/25 -)
People's Republic of China Graduate School of Science, Harbin University 2008/11/02 2013/11/01
U.S.A. Computer Dept. and Interdisciplinary International Research Dept., Worcester Polytechnic Institute 2010/03/08 2020/03/07  
Malaysia Technical University of Malaysia 2013/02/21 2018/02/20 Yes
France Bordeaux Institute of Technology 2014/12/10 2019/12/09 Yes
Australia Faculty of Science and Engineering, Macquarie University 2015/9/11 2020/9/10
Thailand Office of the National Broadcasting and Telecommunications Commission 2016/3/7 2019/3/6