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Courses in Applied Mathematics divisions‎

Pure and Applied Mathematics Major Course List provides the following courses: Each course has not a closed form within the laboratory; we perform education as one large course that flexibly encompasses the entire Major.


From algebraic points of view, we develop concrete theory of combinatorial mathematics and perform research and education on mathematical theory of algorithms. Furthermore, we aim at making their feedbacks to classic theory of combinatorics.

Professor in charge
Professor: Takayuki Hibi
Associate Professor: Satoshi Murai
Specially appointed Assistant Professor: Genki Shibukawa
Specially appointed Assistant Professor: Kazunori Matsuda
Specially appointed Assistant Professor: Raimundas Vidunas

Applied Geometry

We aim to develop new research grounds of geometry, by realizing our education and research on information visualization, through the discretization of differential geometry.

Professor in charge
Professor: Masaaki Wada
Associate Professor: Kouichi Yasui

Discrete Structures

On the basis of research on various types of algebraic systems, we perform fundamental research and education on mathematics related to "structured information" bilaterally, towards information science, and from information science back to mathematics.

Professor in charge
Professor: Susumu Ariki
Associate Professor: Yoshiki Oshima

Mathematical Science

The mathematical structure of large-scale systems has been studied by using computers, in fields such as statistical physics. In addition to these existing probabilistic approaches, we conduct studies searching for new mathematical structures, through education and research with an emphasis on the analysis of algebraic structures. Specifically, we aim to build up an algebraic theory related to image processing through these studies.

Professor in charge
Professor: Katsuhisa Mimachi
Associate Professor: Kiyokazu Nagatomo

Applied Analysis

We aim to build a base to research nature's hidden laws, by carrying out education and research aimed at elucidating a variety of natural phenomena using analytic methods including construction of mathematically supported numerical methods, and intensive use of a computer.

Professor in charge
Professor: Kenji Nakanishi
Associate Professor: Tsuyoshi Chawanya

Computer Assisted Mathematics (Cybermedia Center)

Through the process of setting and solving scientific issues by computer experiments, we are promoting education and research related to the construction of mathematical modeling and computer models. Moreover, by the process of setting and solving problems we aim to building a new theory of computational mathematics.

Professor in charge
Professor: Daisuke Furihata