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Concerning Employment Announcement

Concerning Employment Announcement

Concerning Employment Support System and Career Report System

If your next employment place has been decided (you were nominated), please write (input) a report using our "Career Report System" as soon as possible.

You can access the report also by logging into KOAN, and then go by "Career / Employment (nomination) Report".

(*) All students are requested to report prior to graduation.

The Orientation Meeting concerning Employment of Educational Personnel, Administrative Personnel and Service Information

Please consult our guidance with regard with the title above.

(*) Guidance is subject to update when needed.

For College Students - Announce from the Career Support Division

Please check the news from our Student Career Support Division by accessing Osaka University Website Home, then "University Guide", then Employment/Career Information, then "Career News".

Concerning use of the Employment Support System by persons who already graduated

Starting with May 2012, the Employment Support System is available for persons who already graduated.

For details, please refer to Career/Employment Report System, then "To persons who wish to become users of this system", then "Sign-in Application for Graduates".

Place of Further Study or Employment