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Concerning scholarships offerings by selection conditions for the academic year 2020

Concerning scholarships offerings by selection conditions for the academic year 2020

Graduate School of Information Science and Technology has the following approach towards offerings of scholarships by selection conditions (scholarships for a restricted number of persons recommended by the Graduate School).

(Other scholarships are treated separately.)

Application Conditions

  • Only persons who passed their interview examination for interested applicants
  • Only persons who already submitted the "Scholarship Application Statement for Privately Financed Foreign Students" for this fiscal year

Only applicants who satisfy both conditions above and satisfy the qualifications requested by the offering can be accepted.

General Explanations

  1. Scholarship offerings are posted in the tables (in Japanese).
  2. Persons wishing to apply are invited to make a request about the offering by e-mail to the Graduates Section within the admission period.

    Graduates Section e-mail address: office@ist.

    The Graduates Section will send to each applicant an e-mail to confirm their admission.
    Persons who do not received their confirmation message within 2 or 3 days are invited to contact us.
  3. In case of more persons wishing to apply, applicants will be decided by their order of recommendation decided at the beginning of the year.
    (However, priority will be given to persons who are not receiving other scholarships by recommendation of the Graduate School of Information Science and Technology or are recommended currently).
  4. When applicants are decided, they will receive direct notifications. In the same time, the decision date will be posted in the tables (in Japanese).
  5. Decided applicants will be issued the necessary application documents, which they must submit to the Graduates Section prior to the deadline.

(*) In case of short-term applications or of an extremely limited number of qualifying applicants, referral will be made directly to the corresponding applicants before posting in the tables (in Japanese).

Application Deadline

Application deadlines are set as the last day of the acceptance period. No request is admitted after deadline. No retreats are admitted either.


  • Application does not necessarily mean scholarship selection.
  • When an applicant is decided as accepted, his recommendation rank turns automatically to the last position.