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<Important>Procedures for participating in an internship

Depending on the internship you wish to participate in, please follow one of the three procedures listed below:

  1. If you participate in the internship as part of an internship course for obtaining academic credits,please register for the course through KOAN and complete the procedures such as submitting a participation form (参加届,報告書) through CLE.
  2. If you participate in an internship that is not related to an internship course registration but falls under any of the following categories, be sure to submit a participation form and complete the necessary procedures. If you fail to complete the required procedures may result in you not being covered by the University's accident insurance(Gakkensai)and liability insurance(Gakkensai).
    • If you participate based on instructions from your academic supervisor
    • If you participate based on a recommendation from your academic supervisor to the company
    • If there is a memorandum of understanding or other agreement between your academic supervisor and the company regarding the internship
    • If the internship is considered part of your regular curriculum for reasons other than those listed above
  3. If you participate in an internship other than 1 and 2 listed above, a participation form is not required.But you need to consult with your academic supervisor beforehand.Note that you may not be covered by the University's accident and liability insurance, so please take out the insurance as required or directed by the company.

Information on Internships offered by IST

  • Information on internships for students in the Graduate School of Information Science and Technology can be found on CLE, which is available to those who have registered for the internship course on KOAN.
  • Information on short-term internships for which no credit is given will also be posted on CLE.
  • If you are a student who has not registered for an internship course but would like to know about short-term internship, please contact IST staff in charge of internship.

Staff in Charge

  • For any questions or concerns, please contact ist-internship@ist- (emails are missing the osaka-u.ac.jp domain) and it will be delivered to the following two staffs in charge.
  • The domain name "osaka-u.ac.jp" is omitted from e-mail addresses. Please add "osaka-u.ac.jp" to each e-mail address.
Associate Dean Fumihiko Ino ino@ist.
Staff Kenichi Henmi henmi-k@ist.