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Student Consultation

Student Consultation

"Student Counseling Services" in the Graduate School of Information Science and Technology

We have a "Student Counseling Services". Students can receive free counseling for the various problems such as worries relating to academic life as well as daily life and health. Please feel free to contact us regardless of how minor the problem may be. We are ready to listen to your problems and work with you. We give the utmost consideration to protect the student's right of privacy.


1.Student Counseling room

Location:Room B102, 1st floor, Wing B, Graduate School of Information Science and Technology

Open:13:00-16:00 every Wednesday

Contact: Tel:06-6105-5909 (Exclusive number for the Student Consultation Center)
Call 06-6879-4508 (Graduate School Affairs) during 13:00-16:00 every Wednesday.
Telephone calls will also be accepted outside opening hours.

2.Student Counseling by Email

To provide students with readily available opportunities for consultation, as well as members of teaching staff, research staff and TAs, a school affairs task force will also be on hand to provide advice on academic studies. If you have any problems, please feel free to visit the staff directly or contact the following Email addresses for help.



Full name


Professor in charge of student consultations

Information Systems Engineering


Tatsuhiro Tsuchiya


School affairs task force member

Pure and Applied Mathematics

Associate Professor

Yoshiki Oshima


School affairs task force member

Information and Physical Sciences

Associate Professor

Shunji Umetani


School affairs task force member

Computer Science

Associate Professor

Yoshiki Higo


School affairs task force member

Information Systems Engineering

Associate Professor

Hiromitsu Awano


School affairs task force member

Information Networking

Associate Professor

Shunsuke Saruwatari


School affairs task force member

Multimedia Engineering

Associate Professor

Kenji Yasunaga


School affairs task force member

Bioinformatic Engineering

Associate Professor

Yoshihiro Toya


NOTE: osaka-u.ac.jp has been omitted from the above Email addresses.


Examples of counseling
I have a trouble but I don't know who to consult with.

○Matters concerning learning.

It is difficult for me to understand the purpose of the academic life.
I have problems motivating myself to do study or research.


○Personality related issues.

I'm worried about relationships with my friends.
I want to rethink the relationship with my family.


○Failure to attend the class.

I don't want to go to school.
I'm lack of interest in anything.